Highlights of Motivational Talk by Ram Chandra Gurjar

“I am NOT a product of my circumstances; I AM a product of my decision.”
On 6th April 2017, a motivational talk was held in BPTRC, coordinated and conducted by BIC (BKBIET Innovation Centre). The main speaker was a BKBIET alumnus, a poet, a photographer, an ex-bank officer and now a RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Services) with general rank – 191, Mr. Ram Chandra Gurjar. The First RAS Officer from BKBIET. After, graduating from BKBIET Pilani, he secured AIR-27 in JNU entrance examination and completed his Masters (International Relations) from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. His resignation as a Probationary Officer from Bank of Baroda had become reason of reform in banking sector.

Ram Chandra Gurjar started his journey with BKBIET in 2011 with as a student of IT branch and later transmuted to Computer branch. He participated in plentiful events in his college time. This student tried to mould the system so as to make efficient. A religious person by heart. Later in his speech he talked about his college life, how he used to prepare for exams and other events and activities he did during his college life. He also discussed how he, like everyone else, studied a lot in 1st and 2nd semester but had no interest left in studies after that. But one thing that he was very clear from the beginning was where he sees himself down the road, and it was a CIVIL SERVANT. What he emphasized the most was on that “You should have the clarity in your mind about what you want to achieve”

After completing his graduation from BKBIET he pursued his ambition of becoming a CIVIL SERVANT. Just to survive in Delhi so that he can continue his preparation for various examinations he joined the JNU. This is one of the many crucial decisions that he took during his journey so far. While he continued his preparations for the civil services, he also kept himself in good company and friends. Mr. Ram also mentioned that friends play a vital role in making your personality and in some or the other influences your future. Students were also introduced to his best friend.

Mr. Ram also emphasised that students should take things lightly as the things they are so much concerned about in the moment may not be of any importance along with telling the students to relax and stay stress free. Another thing that students learned was the fact that failing is important and failing only provide you with experience and prepares you for the next battle in your life. People should never stick on their failure and should develop a habit of moving on.

Mr. Ram, after completing his masters from JNU kept preparing for the examination and cleared many of them. But the urge of his to serve his country was something that fuelled his focus. In the coming months he cleared another examination. Now he was again left in the dilemma to either join the banking industry or to keep pursuing his dream. “Any decision that you take in your life is neither right nor wrong, it’s just a decision and will always work in your favour”. With this he joined the banking industry. Even after joining the bank industry and being financially independent he was away from his dream. This lead to a resignation 9 months later which shocked the banking industry and was followed by some major reforms in the industry. It was all possible because of the determination and decision making capability of Mr. Ram. All this determination and hard work didn’t go waste, and on the night of 6th December 2016 and Mr. Ram cleared the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS).

A journey full of struggles and failures yet so motivating and inspiring!

The main conclusions from his talk are as follows:

  • Learn to take things lightly, things are rarely as important as they first seem.
  • Relaxation is must.
  • Everything is important in life, we all have only 24 hours each day, but we need to create a list of our priorities, so as to establish a balance among all tasks.
  • Failing just shows that you are working.
  • Distribute your time properly; don’t end up doing multiple things at the same time.
  • Have the courage to take bold decisions; decisions that can shape your life for a better future, one must never shy away from such decisions.
  • Never change your decisions after listening to advices of the people who don’t even know about you and your goals.
  • Leave society to where it belongs. Don’t let it shape your future.
  • Hold on your dreams, even if it’s too hard to carry on, please carry on!
  • Life will be a combination of both good days and bad day’s .learn to embrace both.
  • Respect your parents the most; no one else will want you to be successful more than them.
  • Don’t follow your friends blindly, no one is meant to have the same destination as yours.