The Talk by “Mr. Ram Chandra Gurjar”

With another Boom,

BIC had its fascinating talk by one of our intellectual Alumni RAS “Mr. Ram Chandra Gurjar”.

The talk was started by an introductory video of Mr. Gurjar with Chief Mr. Anirudh Bhardwaj (Finance & leadership) and Mr. RaunakTrikha (Sr. Manager, framovation & corporate relations).

Later Mr. Saransh Vyas (Chief, Operations & Strategy) welcomed faculties, students and the respected guest in his speech.

Mr.Ram Chandra was greeted with a bouquet by Dr. Hasibur Rahaman (Faculty Coordinator of BIC).

Later he took to the podium to elaborate his stalwart journey of becoming a RAS(Rajasthan Administrative Service).He explained how one’s decision of making a priority between LOVE, CARRIER, LIFE changes his way of living. As his words were “The one who falls in water doesn’t lead to death instead of the one who doesn’t swim do” it means success always reach to them who strives for it.

After his experience sharing session, many students had queries regarding how to be calm, composed and focused while moving forward to achieve their goals which he answered in the most accurate way.

The Talk was ended up by honouring Mr. Gurjar with a Momento as a symbol of love and respect by Mr. Hasibur Rahaman and inviting him to maintain future relations with BIC.

Mr. Saransh Vyas later on proceeded with a vote of thanks to all the people presented there for being a patient listener.