Talk on Radiocarbon Dating by Dr C.M. Nautiyal

BIC Pilani, conducted a talk on RadioCarbon Dating on 23-Sept-2017.

Our honourable guest was Dr. Chandra Mohan Nautiyal.  Dr C. M. Nautiyal is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and ISRO’s physical research centre, Ahmedabad. He had an excellent academic career with 6 scholarships and fellowships including the INSA-DFG fellowship to work at Max Planck Institutes in Germany.

He is a recipient of the most prestigious award for Indian Young Scientists viz. INSA Medal for Young Scientists. He had been conferred with travel fellowship by Meteoritic Society of USA.

He has won prizes and honours for his research from Indian Society for Mass spectrometry, Palaeobotanical Society, Consultancy Medal as well as Paper of the Month award from BSIP.

Dr Nautiyal enlightened the students about Radiocarbon Dating and its aspects. He told about how Radiocarbon Dating is helping to get the idea of how human life has evolved so far. It was a complete interactive session where the queries of students were also resolved by Dr. Nautiyal.