Enigma – Freshmen Orientation

Enigma (Freshmen orientation) started by an opening speech by our Miss Radhika Vyas, Sr. Manager (Public relations).

She spoke about – What is BIC, and how it will help to shape the dreams of our future entrepreneurs. She also told about how BIC provides funds and resources to the students who come up with an idea or project which can open completely new dimensions to this era of development.

Further Mr. Saransh Vyas, Chief (Operations & Strategy) took to the podium and continued the program by further explaining the audience that, How BIC was founded? Who were the main founders behind it? And the Vision, Mission and Goals of BIC Pilani. He also told the students that how an idea is born and how to implement it. He also encouraged the students to share their idea or project, which some students did.

Then Mr. Piyush Agarwal (Head Technology) took over the charge and further cleared the doubt of the students who voluntary spoke up about their ideas and projects undertaken by them. He further assured them to provide all the necessary help (whether monetary or non-monetary or help required accessing labs, software etc.) required by them in completing their aim.

Finally, the event was concluded by displaying the pictures of the winners of “Click with BIC” and the BIC student council answered the queries of students.