Infrastructure Facilities

Building Ready to use office space with all infrastructure, connectivity, networking, common facilities like meeting room, high tech labs, etc.We provide extensive computing resources for research and development education. It includes high-performance computers in the range of latest versions of operating systems like Linux, Windows etc. Each Operating System supports a varied range of application specific software. Our network communications include a fibre optic backbone as well as wireless connectivity, offering excellent connectivity to the commodity internet and provides intranet within the hi-tech lab. In order to compete with the global challenges we provide the latest facilities to the students such as latest teaching aids like multimedia-overhead projectors along with the white boards. Other Infrastructure includes File Server, 3D Printer, Scanner, Teleconferencing facilities, Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment etc.

Technical Support

Faculties/Coordinators of E-Cell under BIC will provide all necessary technical support. Other Guest faculty, Industry People and Collaborations will provide support in other distinct areas.Students had access to all functions of the E-Cell, enabling hands-on experience in various fields of computer science, networking, IT projects/assignments, IOT related projects etc. Students indirectly gained facility with virtual machines and remote access, the two areas currently of big interest. Also, As Cloud Computing is a big revolution in CSIT, it is a key to projects like Smart cities & solving big other such implementations. The implementation and management of such projects requires a lot of support from industry people & guest faculties, through which students have an excellent exposure. We have Faculties/Coordinators of E-Cell under BIC will provide all necessary technical support including Guest faculties, Industry People and Collaboration in other distinct areas.


Training will be provided on different platforms with the requirement of the respective fields for distinct skills. Like the training can be in the specialized technical areas, Entrepreneurship Development, Startups etc.