A Talk By “Mr. Shivam Ahuja”

The Talk by “Mr. Shivam Ahuja” was started with an opening speech by our Sr. Manager(Public Relations) Miss Radhika Vyas.

She spoke about the dream of many to become an entrepreneur and build their own startups and how future entrepreneurs can provide a totally new dimension to this developing era.

Later on our another Sr. Manager Miss Aditi Rathi took to the podium and gave a brief about the achievements and start-ups of Mr. Shivam Ahuja. She beautifully described Mr. Ahuja’s journey during this great time and his involvement in the kalam NGO of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Further, the podium was handed over to Mr. Shivam Ahuja after greeting him with a  bouquet from Dr. P. S Bhatnagar (Director BKBIET).

Mr. Shivam Ahuja started the talk by sharing his college to being an entrepreneur journey among the students.He described that one should not do what others want him to do rather one should start following his own dreams and work on it as an idea will never turn into a majestic creation until and unless one start working on it.

He shared among all his business ethics and how working in digital marketing and entrepreneurship field is about to become most beneficial for upcoming youth.Many students arose their doubts regarding building their own startups and a question answer session took place.

Moving further Mr. Shivam Ahuja was honored with a memento as a token of love and respect by Prof. Shridhar Dandin(Principle administration) and Miss Radhika Vyas summed up the talk by giving a vote of thanks to director BKBIET , teachers and all the student present for being a part of the talk and being a patient listener to make  the event a big success.